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Please fill out the athlete registration form before proceeding to the program information below.

athlete registration & Waiver form

Please fill out the information below to complete your athlete's registration.

Emergency Contact Information

Athlete Waiver Form

I, the undersigned parent/legal guardian, hereby give permission for my above-named child to take part in the football skills and development program with Off-Season Academy, LLC. Should my child require immediate or emergency medical care while engaged in an activity sponsored by Off-Season Academy, LLC, in my absence, I hereby grant Off-Season Academy, LLC authority to release my child for medical treatment to such medical personnel as Off-Season Academy, LLC determined appropriate under the circumstances and to provide for transportation to a health care provider. I acknowledge that I shall be solely responsible for the cost of my child's treatment. In consideration for the privilege of allowing my child to participate in the above-named activity, I assume all risk involved in engaging in the activity. I further agree to release and hold harmless Off-Season Academy, LLC, its members, employees, volunteers and agents, from any liability to or responsibility for bodily injury, damage, illness, or death to the above-identified child while participating in any activity which may be directly or indirectly sponsored by Off-Season Academy, LLC. Further, I agree to indemnify Off-Season Academy, LLC, its members, employees, volunteers and agents for any costs, including actual attorneys fees, incurred in defending against any legal account arising out of bodily injury, illness or death of my child. The undersigned person acknowledges that they are legally authorized to execute this document on behalf of the child set forth above. They further acknowledge that there are inherent risks relative to any football activity and that I freely assume all risks associated with the activities set forth herein or other activities with Off-Season Academy, LLC in the future without the need to execute a separate waiver. PLEASE READ CAREFULLY, THIS PERMISSION FORM IS A LEGAL DOCUMENT WHICH INCLUDES A RELEASE OF LIABILITY AND INDEMNIFICATION. This waiver shall remain in full force and effect for a period of five (5) years from the date set forth below.

Thanks for registering your athlete!

Proceed to Program Info Below.

Individual Training Sessions - ALL AGES/LEVELS

These sessions are for any athlete looking to improve their football skills and technique. Sessions will be held at our indoor training space at Middlebury Hills Farm south of Barneveld Wisconsin. If weather allows, sessions may take place outdoors as well.


Current training for: Lineman (OL/DL), Linebackers and Running Backs...with more to come soon!


These sessions can be scheduled at any time depending on coaches availability. Please contact us for scheduling questions.

Individual Training Sessions - ALL AGES/LEVELS


    Bring your training shoes to change into once you arrive at our facility.

  • Package Options

    6 session package - $270

    10 session package - $450

    Contact us at the email below for further information:

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