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Berserker army

The highest honor an academy attendee can earn!

At each OSA program, select athletes will earn the right to join the BERSERKER ARMY.

This award is given to those who put forth elite level effort throughout the entirety of our program.

The BERSERKER ARMY is named after the Viking warriors of the same name. In Norse mythology, "Berserkers" would fight with a trance like fury on the battlefield and were known to bite their shields, growl like animals and fight with a fierce intensity that would cause many of their enemies to retreat from the battlefield before the fight even began.

Our BERSERKER ARMY is represented by a bear, from which these warriors were known to draw their power and fought with a ferocity that was only seen in the animal kingdom.

Congrats to all of our winners for earning the right to be a part of our BERSERKER ARMY legacy!

2023 Honorees

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